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Governor Martinez has authorized all Santa Fe area state employees (except those heading Northbound on U.S. Highway 84/285) to be released today beginning at 12:00pm because of inclement weather and hazardous road conditions in the Santa Fe area Because of several accidents and impassable road conditions, northbound US Highway 84/285 from Santa Fe is currently closed. However, NMDOT road crews and law enforcement are working to reopen the road. We will send a follow-up e-mail when the road is reopened. NMDOT has arranged for a full set of train cars for the Southbound 1:00 pm Railrunner. State employees and facilities critical to the health and safety of New Mexicans must remain in service during inclement weather conditions. It is the responsibility of Cabinet Secretaries, Agency Directors, or their designees to determine which employees are required to continue to work based upon their functions within the respective departments that are necessary to remain open during inclement weather conditions.