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Summer Internship Program

Ready to Work for New Mexico?

The New Mexico State Personnel Office Summer Internship Program offers high school, college and graduate students valuable work experience and the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals and to develop work-related skills.

Becoming an intern with the State of New Mexico is a great way to engage in career exploration, career planning, and networking, and is a great way to build professional connections and references. Internships can be a stepping-stone on the path to future professional achievement and success.

How to Apply

  • Go to the State Careers Application Website.
  • Search for the intern position you are interested in by the Job ID number.
  • Create your profile and submit your application.
  • For more details and step-by-step instructions for applying, visit our Application Guide.
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Available Positions

Summer internship positions will be offered through a variety of state agencies, professions and locations. Checkc back here for summer 2023 intership listing in the spring! 

For Hiring Managers

Summer Internship Training

Access the March 23 Summer Internship Training Video here.

Access the March 23 Summer Internship Training Slide Presentation here.