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State Personnel Office Concludes 2023 Summer Internship Program with Internship Summit

Elias Arellano, Department of Workforce Solutions Intern

The 2023 State of New Mexico Summer Internship program concluded on August 4, 2023 at the Roundhouse with the at the Annual Internship Summit. Returning State Personnel Office intern, Harvey McGuinness, provided the welcome speech. During the event, seven interns presented their capstone projects, detailing their work over the summer. Presenting interns included, Santino Chavez and Rhegan Glidewell (State Personnel Office), Jungwoo Seo (Department of Finance and Administration), Elias Arellano (Department of Workforce Solutions), Mariana Vega (Department of Transportation), Morgan Hagman (Office of the Attorney General), and Yuxin Meng (Taxation and Revenue Department). Denise Forlizzi, Special Assistant to the Director, State Personnel Office, presented closing remarks thanking the interns for their participation, stressing the contributions each made to the agencies. Following the summit, Office of the Governor intern Miguel Toral provided interns with a tour of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s offices.

With 104 interns this year, the State of New Mexico Summer Internship program participation doubled compared with 2022. This year’s internship cohort comprised of twenty-two high school students, sixty-six college undergrads, and sixteen graduate school students. A record twenty-one agencies participated in the 2023 Summer Internship program, ranging from Department of Transportation to Taxation and Revenue Department to Office of the State Engineer. Each intern was paired with a mentor at their agency, providing them with an opportunity to grow their professional skill set while gaining an introduction to working in the public sector. Internships benefit agencies, offering access to young talent and creating connections for future recruitment.

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