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The State of New Mexico Careers website URL has changed and is now All existing usernames and passwords will remain the same. If you have issues logging in, please follow the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ or contact Applicant Support at

State of New Mexico Employees: All SHARE Applications URLs have updated. The new SHARE HCM address is For employee password resets, please contact the DoIT help desk.


Latest News

Job Code – E1012

Landscape Architects

Job Code – E1021

Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

Job Code – E2072

Electronics Specialists, Except Computer

Job Code – E2082

Environmental Specialists

Job Code – E2111

Health Care Surveyors

Job Code – E2111S

Health Care Surveyors Supervisor

Job Code – E2152

Mining and Geological Specialists NL

Job Code – E2152S

Mining and Geological Specialists NL Supervisor

Job Code – E2171

Petroleum Specialist

Job Code – E2171S

Petroleum Specialist Supervisor

Job Code – E30611

Public Utilities Engineer

Job Code – E40495

Spaceport Aerospace Engineer